Fire Rated Extractor Fans

Fire Rated Exhaust Fan is the smart way to protect the building. Specifically, owner assets from the fire spreading before emergency workers can get to the site. Indeed, our knowledge of National Fire Codes as it relates to ceiling, roof and wall protection. – For this purpose Teral-Aerotech designed the fire rated exhaust fan. Fire rated exhaust fan are likely to include the use for parking , building and other industries. Teral-aerotech makes Fire Rated exhaust fan that you can trust. Teral-aerotech Fire Rated Fans are currently Listed for the greatest number of truss designs. Be sure you have the right product and save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

Teral-aerotech Fire Rated Exhaust Fan is custom made fan Of course, fit a variety of fan brands. By all means, when fan arrive at the construction site, they are ready to install. In fact, (no parts to put together). Consequently, reducing labor costs and construction time. Without a doubt, meeting National Fire Codes is fully certified.