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We are one of the best Air Cooling Unit manufacturers company in India. Fresh Air Cooling Unit for Electrical Control Box. 100% Made in Japan to ensure that you using a highest quality products for your electrical control cabinet. Fresh Air Cooling Unit variation of type and size to meet your application requirement of Box Fan, Cool Cabi, Box Aircon, Box Cool. Maintain optimum temperature inside the Electrical Control Box to avoiding temperature rise caused by heat generation from electrical components

Fresh Air Cooling Unit is constructed in a wide choice of design, capacities and materials. Its capacity from 5000 CMH to 2,50,000 CMH air quantity and static up to 75 mm of wg using axial or centrifugal fans are available in plastic, GI,MS,FRP and stainless steel 304 construction.

Working of Air Cooling Unit

  • Air Cooling system comprises of Air washer or air generating equipment with centrifugal fan or axial fan, pump, high performance, Honey comb cooling pads and non-clogging water distribution system. The natural and eco-friendly air cooling can save up to 90% energy compared to Air conditioners.
  • the air generated through air cooler or cooling equipment is distributed in any building or given space through properly sized ducts and Air Grills.
  • Air Cooling Manufacturer ensures the manufacture of optimum sized cooling equipment with proper selection of Motor capacity and fan size.
  • Air Cooling unit Supplier helps to control humidity and temperature with humidity and temperature sensor which are in some cases supplied as standard accessories.


Evaporative Air Cooling
Introduces 100% fresh air
Re-cerulates the same stale air
Windows and doors left open
windows and doors mustbe shut
Windows and doors left open
windows and doors mustbe shut
Keeps the air moist,great for allergy and asthmatic conditions
Reduces the moisture, which can be lad for asthma and allergy sufferers
Full ventilation exhaust odoors, germs
Re circulated efficiency and capacity as outside temperature rises
Increased cooling capacity as outside temerature rises
Reduce efficiency and capacity as outside temperature rises
70% less then the insulation costs of air conditioning
Costly installation
90% less the running costs of air conditing
Higher running costs

Salient features’ of single skin and double skin

Single Skin
Double Skin
Cast Iron
Sheet Metal
16 G. G.I.
24 G.I. – P.P. Sheet Outside
24 G.I. GI Inside
No Insulation
Puf Insulation CFC Free
75/100mm C Channel
75/100 mm C Channel
Filter Frame
G.I. / Aluminium
Vibration Isolatior
Cushy Foot Mounting
Cushy Foot Mounting
Cenrifugal Fan-Forward Curved/Backward Curved
Cenrifugal Fan-Forward Curved/Backward Curved
Cooling Media
Cellulose Pad
Cellulose Pad
Air Discharge
Air Washer Placement
Ceiling Suspended/Foot Mounting
Ceiling Suspended/Foot mounting