Coolant Pumps

Coolant pump is a short type of pump used to recirculate a coolant, commonly a liquid, that is used to transfer heat from an engine or different device that generates heat as a byproduct of producing energy.

Common Applications of coolant pumps

Teral aerotech coolant pumps are efficient high pressure pumps which are designed to pump fluids which are contaminated by particles from machining. Particles to 250 micron in diameter can be easily pumped with Hydra-CellĀ® coolant pumps, eliminating the expense of fine filtration required by other positive displacement, centrifugal, screw or piston pumps.

coolant pumps are designed for circulating coolants on the machine gear together with Lathes, Milling Machines, Drilling Machines, Grinding Machines and so on. those pumps with the coolant cool and lubricate the reducing facet and the paintings piece removing the heat evolved in the course of the operation thereby increasing the tool existence and maintaining the gadget accuracy.

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