Industrial Fan

Industrial Fan

industrial Fan

Industrial fan are primary function is to provide and accommodate a large flow of air or gas to various parts of building or other structure. This is achieved by rotating a number of blades, connected to a hub and shaft, and driven by a motor or turbine. The flow rates of these mechanical fans range from approximately 200 cubic feet (5.7 m3) to 2,000,000 cubic feet (57,000 m3) per minute. A blower is another name for a fan that operates where the resistance to the flow is primarily on the downstream side of the fan.

Many Industrial fan and blowers fall under the classifications of Industrial Fans, Industrial Blowers, Industrial Exhausters, Exhaust Blowers, Industrial Cooling Fans, Industrial Exhaust Fans, Industrial Ventilation Fans, Industrial Centrifugal Fans, and Impeller Fans. They are two basic types of industrial fans: Centrifugal blowers fan or Axial flow fan.

To combat the variance in Industrial fan applications, Teral-Aerotech’s manufacturers from a vast array of materials such as:

Industrial Fans