Air Washer System

Teral-aerotech is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Air Washer and provide complete Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of Air washer system. Air washer system in which spray water is used as medium for adiabatic cooling of air in humidification systems (by direct evaporation of water into the air stream thereby reducing the air’s dry bulb temperature and raising its humidity).

Our Air Washer System includes single/double/triple bank spray sets, nozzles, air distribution louvers, air intake louvers, eliminators and inspection doors/windows. Teral-aerotech offered washer is developed and designed by our expert engineers who are well versed in understanding the air quality, content, and presence of particles in the environment. Teral-aerotech Air washer system is manufacturers nest quality materials that absorb radiation and dust particles efficiently.

The offered air washer is equipped with instruments capable enough to measure the size and quantity of the dust particle in per unit volume air of clean environment and clean environments. Air washer system detects the dust and clean the inner environment for definite study.