Axial Flow Fans Manufacturers India

The Teral-Aerotech qualitative range of axial flow fans has helped us muster a huge customer base in Delhi, India. The axial flow fans made available in this range are compact in size and are easy to install, owing to which they are hugely demanded in the market. The axial fans offered by us are in accordance with international quality standards.

Teral-Aerotech The Vane axial inline fans are the most efficient axial designs. Precision machining creates a tight clearance between blade tips and the fan housing. Integral straightening vanes redirect swirling airflow after the impeller into a linear flow at the discharge, further increasing efficiency. The casing design and construction are well suited for indoor or outdoor applications and can be easily installed in ducted or non-ducted systems. Our fan is designed to significantly reduce operating costs with a peak total efficiency ranging from 70 to 86%.

Teral-Aerotech Fans are designed for high-pressure ventilation and industrial-process applications where axial flow is desirable and space is at a premium. Uses include heat, smoke and fume removal, process drying, comfort and process cooling, and general ventilation.

Some of the other details are as follows:

  • Reliable in operation,
  • made for optimum realisation between air quality, pressure and power consumption.
  • manufactured using premium quality components.
  • Longer functional life
  • Easy installation
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