Axial flow fans

Teral-Aerotech’s Axial flow fans are used for a variety of applications, such as Generator ventilation & Generator sound proofing, Air cooling, Ventilation for General engineering industries, Mining, Tunnel ventilation, Humidification plants, Textile mills, Driers Fresh air and Exhaust applications. Teral-Aerotech’s fans are widely used as spot coolers, Roof Extractors, and Man coolers. Two stage fans are manufactured for mining and tunnel ventilation applications. HANDLAIR Axial flow fans are offered for capacities ranging from 1000 to 1,75,000 with pressure up to 80 mm wg, in sizes ranging from 300 mm to 1600 mm diameter.


Teral-Aerotech’s Roof Extractors are basically axial flow fans meant for extracting hot/stale air at the roof level from large halls. These fans are widely used in boiler and bunker houses of power plants, steel plants, cement, automobile industries, These are generally supplied with exhaust hoods to prevent entry of rain water, birds etc.

Man coolers

Teral-Aerotech’s Man coolers are designed for large air volume discharge with high velocity and for long distance sweep. These can be used in various applications such as furnaces, electrical equipments, spot cooling and for general ventilation in shop floors. These man coolers are available in three different models:- Pedestal type, Column mounted type and Tubular type.

Bifurcated Fan

Teral-Aerotech’s Bifurcated fans are direct driven axial flow fans, where the motor is encased in a metal box to isolate it from the airflow. This makes the bifurcated fans ideal for exhausting or recirculating of hazardous / chemical fumes , gases in high temperature , or for such conditions, where the motor needs to be isolated from the air stream.

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