Centrifugal Blower Fan

Teral-Aerotech centrifugal Blower Fans design is usually given when the conditions are: the volume flow rate, total pressure, the working medium and its density (or the working medium temperature), and sometimes there are structural requirements and special requirements.
Teral-Aerotech centrifugal Blower Fans are: to meet the required flow and pressure conditions at the highest point of efficiency should be near; maximum efficiency value to be as large as some of the efficiency curve flat; pressure curve to a wide range of stability; fan of simple structure , technology is good; convenient choice of materials and accessories; have sufficient strength, stiffness, safe and reliable; running stable, low noise; adjusted performance, work adaptability; fan size as small as possible, light weight; operation and maintenance , disassemble easy transport.
With the use of different fans, not the same requirement, such as public buildings used as a ventilation fan is generally used with, the most important requirement is that Teral-Aerotech Centrifugal Blower Fans general low-noise, multi-blade centrifugal fan with this feature; and require large flow The centrifugal fan is usually double-suction type; for some of the high-pressure centrifugal fan, low specific speed, the relative proportion of the leakage loss is generally larger
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