How Pulse Jet Dust Collector Work?

As the dust laden air enters the dust collector housing through the inlet duct, the baffle plate located inside of the inlet act as a pre-filter and prevents re-entrainment by guiding the gas stream downward uniformly. The baffle plate deflector directs the heavier dust particles into the hopper. The remaining lighter dust particles are drawn against the outer surface of the filter bags where they are retained. Clean air passes through the filter bags and leaves the clean air chamber through an outlet duct.
As dust accumulate on the filter bags, periodic cleaning of the bags are important in order to maintain continuous operation. This periodic cleaning of bags is achieved by introduction of timed, momentary pulse of compress air through a specially designed blow pipe with nozzles mounted above each filter bag. Only a portion of the filter bags are cleaned at one time, allowing the remaining filter bags to continue their filtering action.
Written by:- teral for Blower and Fan